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The Best Thing In Life Are Free Essay

  • Submitted by: wanwee
  • on January 27, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Best Thing In Life Are Free" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In this overly materialistic society we are unfortunate enough to be living in today, the word 'free' is constantly and almost spontaneously associated with things we don't have to fork out hard cash for. Many remain ignorant, however, of the fact that attaining something without any toil, personal sacrifice and hard work can also be categorized under this word 'free'. And this is precisely why I wholeheartedly disagree with the statement that the best things in life are free". They are not. Nothing in this world can be achieved without at least a certain amount of sweat and tears being shed in the process.
Happiness, health and success. These are but several examples among the many things I believe to be the best in life. And can they be considered free? Do we just screw our eyes shut, hold out our hands, make a wish and then wait expectantly for these things to drop right into our outstretched palms? Certainly not! The very idea is ridiculous. They are undoubtedly attainable, "best things in life", but not without the price of determination and true effort being paid first - by ourselves.
Happiness goes hand in hand with contentment, and it can be viewed through aspects such as the family, one's working environment and our social circles. If this wonderful element were truly free, we wouldn't be swamped with the multitude of broken families, resentful and discontented workers as well as severed or strained friendships that we are today. Everyone would be living in the most idyllic of havens ... an atmosphere filled with joy, happiness and satisfaction! But is that a reality? No. And this is because the achievements ofreal happiness requires much self-sacrifice. In the family, it demands that a husband and wife always put each other and their children first, before their own selves. It requires that they love each other unconditionally, and are constantly able to forgive and to forget. It also insists that each family member put into practice the elements of...

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