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Loneliness in Elanor Rigby’s eyes Loneliness is something we experience from time to time, but can we see loneliness in someone else’s eyes? Many people are lonely in the world and this can result them to depression. In the song Elanor Rigby by The Beatles two people experience extreme loneliness. The two are Elanor Rigby and Father McKenzie. I believe it's about people who live and die in anonymity, the world not taking any notice of the fact that they ever existed. It is perhaps the saddest song that I have ever heard. In this song you may notice that there are no normal instruments, there are only string instruments. I feel like The Beatles chose these instruments to make it sound classical, but it to be a pop song as well. String instruments have a psychological affect on the mind which is why I believe they chose them. String music frees up your mind to another world and I think that The Beatles wanted people to look at the world in a new way after listening to it. The way they have the notes laid out in the song to where after they sing “Ah, look at all the lonely people” the medley of the strings put you in a sort of sad mood. The way it does this is by combining a sad scenario with words and playing string music afterwards. The words in the song are very simple and basic, but like every song they have more meaning than meets the eye. It starts out by McCartney singing “I look at all the lonely people”. This to me means that he has seen many lonely people in his life. He later then starts to sing about two people in particular. First we have Elanor Rigby, who seems like she is a nun in a church and we also have the church’s pastor, Father McKenzie. The character Elanor Rigby is a lonely person because she is picking up rice in the church where a wedding has been, not a part of anyone’s wedding or anyone’s life. She goes day by day

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