The Benefits of Team Work

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Project title? ONE Activity 1 – planning, monitoring teamwork I am in a team with Morgan, Luke, Connor and myself. We have to build a tower out of bricks. The tower has to make a £4,000 profit. It has to high enough to make a profit while using the least bricks and the least time. First we had half hour to plan how we were to build the tower. MY INDIVIDUAL GOALS THAT WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE TEAM: By the end of this project I intend to have lots of experience of the benefits of team working I intend to take on my fair share of the workload by completing tasks and meeting deadlines. And I will help team members if I have any spare time. I am going to try to contribute ideas to solve problems we come across. I will also try to improve my communication skills, so I will be able to work more effectively in a team. I will make sure I do everything possible to make the team successful. I will also give my honest opinion when asked, but in a polite manner. This will avoid conflict. TASKS THAT NEED TO BE CARRIED OUT IN A TEAM: We did not have team leader. We wanted everyone to be equal so there was no role ambiguity. Role ambiguity is when someone is unclear about their role. Instead we had a discussion on what roles we would delegate to whom. It is very important all understand our roles, the objectives, work requirements and instructions. When it comes to building the tower we have to do it very quickly as it will earn us points. We planned how were going to do it. We decided to separate in half and each half would concentrate on one part of the tower then we could put the parts together. TASKS THAT NEED TO BE CARRIED OUT BY ME: Knowing your responsibilities in a team is vital. It is also vital to know what your team members. In my case I was in charge of keeping track of how many bricks we were using; when planning the tower. I drew a design of how the bricks

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