The Benefits of Hosting the Olympic Games in Canada

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Choosing to host the Olympics on Canadian soil has three times proven to be detrimental to Canada’s economy, and has come in coalition with the violation of basic constitutional liberties. While each Olympics provided joy and boosted nationalism, for Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver the heavy financial burden, exploitation of civil rights and minimal tangible benefits gained, made hosting the games a hefty and predominantly calamitous endeavor. ” The Olympics are about more than just sport–they are unifying” ( Sports unite people in a way that cannot be explained or replicated in any other form. Whether it is in a crowded living room yelling at the television as a favourite athlete swims to victory. Or are out there in the stands, eyes darting back and forth, heart pounding as the clock ticks in overtime, we are mesmerized and enthralled by the excitement, fervor and drama of it all. For hundreds of years the Olympic Games have been a source of enjoyment, entertainment and pride for countless spectators and participants all across the globe. The Olympic Games are much more than a series of sporting events. For athletes, coaches and millions of awestruck observers the Olympics represents extreme determination, commitment, perseverance, and achievement. The 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal is a perfect example of the lasting implications hosting the Olympic Games has left Canada. When it was known that Montreal was to host the 1976 Summer Olympics, organizers of the games estimated that the total bill would come to no more than $310 million to fund and facilitate. However due to a number of reasons the final cost amounted to more than $1.5 billion, leaving Montreal with a crippling 30 year debt. ( One of the main reasons for this was faulty planning, and excessive indulgence. In the early 1970’s Jean Drapeau

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