The Benefits of Hobbies

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Ladies and gentleman, Hobby should be something that brings happiness to us. Consider whether we’d want to pursue a hobby that brings us solitude and peace and quiet or one that facilitates talking, discussions and social connections. Do you want your hobby to be something that involves competition or one that simply helps you relax? Answering these questions will help you zero in on a good hobby. There are no ‘right’ hobbies, just hobbies that make us happy. We could blog, volunteer, write poetry, tend to own garden, play a musical instrument, go camping, roast and brew coffee, do artwork or learn new languages. As kids, a lot of us are heavily into hobbies, be it arts and craft, calligraphy, ballet, flower arrangements, puzzles, martial arts or collecting stamps or coins. However, as we grow up and ‘real world’ responsibilities set in, we gradually let go of our favourite pastimes. That’s not good, say researchers, because hobbies have been shown to have a strong positive impact on the quality of our lives. Having a hobby is not just a fun but also helpful for our mental health. It is important for people to enjoy good health and a happy living. There are many benefits of cultivating hobbies. Firstly, hobbies help us to manage stress. A hobby is the best stress relievers. After a long day of client meetings, working non-stop at your desk and demanding projects, hobbies can help to alleviate some of our stress and take our mind off work. Pursuing hobbies like gardening or fishing over the weekend or reading for pleasure every evening makes for a welcome respite and prevents burnout. As we’re doing our favourite hobby, it gives us time to relax because hobbies make us happier and more content as a person. When we’re happier, it can help to reduce the stress level in our body. This can be done by diverting our focus. For example, instead of always thinking of the
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