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Resume: The bell is an adventure that is about a small community to repeatedly hear a beautiful bell sounded from inside the forest. Fairytales course is about society's desire and longing to find the time and the travel different people experience when they enter the forest. Among these, we meet the prince and a poor boy. Genre: The bell is an art adventure, it can be seen in that it has a named author and the language is far from spoken language. In addition, it can be seen in that it is a more complicated piece. Composition and courses of action: The bell is a magical prop as it is non-existent, while it is a besjæling when the bell can symbolize nature's spirit and essence. The adventure is chronological and there is no flashback or flashforward. There are three divisions in the tale cycle, which may be seen as a talregel. The adventure starts in the city here, people are very superficial (talking about money), then start the walk on the road to the forest and the start of the forest and the adventure ends in the deep woods, waterfront. Can be used as a home away home example, when they start to be at home in the community and hear the bell, then they travel out to find the bell, eventually finds the prince and the poor boy "bell" and the importance of what they were looking for. environment: City: Narrow streets and large city, it is night. And you can not see the sun. Outside the city, houses were farther apart. With gardens and small fields. The forest: There are many willow trees on the edge of the forest. When people from the city come out in the woods and look at as conditeren have hung up, they follow that it was a romantic experience - they have come out from the fixed framework. According confimaderne is the most beautiful sun skins and birds singing. The forest was so close and so løvfuld, it was difficult to advance:

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