The Beauty with in- " Lord Byron's " She Walk in Beauty at Night Analitical Essay

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The Beauty Within While first reading Lord Bryon’s, “She walks in beauty, like night” we have many different thoughts that cross our mind-The first of course is love. The theme of this poem is Love, Which is easily recognized. What isn’t- is the unique way how Lord Bryon talks about both this woman’s inner beauty as well as her physical beauty. This feature is what makes this poem so alluring and what makes many women only hope they are thought of in this fashion. While reading Lord Bryon’s poem we notice many different literary influence such as Simile, Symbolism, metaphors as well as tone. These Four are the ones that I favor the most, and jumped out to me while reading this affectionate poem. In this Poetic analysis we will look at examples of all four poetic Mechanisms that I mentioned earlier, and how this poem offers a insight into Lord Bryon‘s thoughts and feelings. “The contrast between night and day, and dark and light, is the image that sets up the whole poem.”(Shmoop Editorial Team, 2008). This statement is exactly what comes to mind when reading this poem and trying to distinguish what it is, that Lord Bryon is comparing throughout this entire work. Bryon compares the contrast of these two aspects in many different ways. One such way is the example in line one “She walks in beauty, like the night” (clungston, 2010) Byron uses a simile that compares the beauty of this woman to the beauty of night. This simile paints a picture of the description of night- whether is it the beauty of the night or the beauty of the stars that light up the night. This is but one way that Bryon uses the contrast. Another aspect you think about with contrast is, her inner beauty as well as her outer beauty-Dark and light. The poet describes her physical beauty in the first stanza and her inner in the rest. The tone of this play is soft and light, the words are simple and

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