The Beauty of Nature Through Art Essay

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The Beauty of Nature through Art The best way to understand Bonaventure’s second step of The Journey of the Mind into God is through nature and art. Nature and art are a great way to focus on the five senses through which God wanted everyone to comprehend. God created nature in his own image which means that this is something that should be taken very seriously. I believe that paintings and artwork accurately depict nature and everything that God wanted nature to be represented by. The first piece of art that I selected was a water color by Gary Bukovinik. He titled it “Dahlia Triptych” because of its abundance of colorful dahlias. Painted in 2002, Bukovinik used colors ranging from pink, red, yellow, green, crimson, and violet. The many different colors in this painting allow it to really stand out visually among the other artwork surrounding it. The “Dahlia Triptych” painting can be easily related to Bonaventure’s “Introduction to Step Two.” The first sense that really attracted me to this particular piece of art was vision. Because of this artworks strong sense of color and beauty, I was easily able to pick this artwork to write about. Bonaventure said, “Beauty is nothing other than numbered equality, or a certain disposition of parts, together with a suavity of color” (Page 114). This quote accurately summarizes why this artwork is so attractive. It is simply beautiful because of its ability to use color and something that everyone appreciates, flowers. The poem, “Canticle of Brother Sun” by St. Francis is the first reading that really stood out to me in comparison to the “Dahlia Triptych” painting. St. Francis describes the different aspects of the world such as the sun, moon, stars, nature, wind, and the good Lord. The author describes how it is very easy to find beauty in the world through nature. The Bukovinik painting accurately

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