The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born Essay

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THE BEAUTYFUL ONES ARE NOT YET BORN STUDENT –ID 113012900317 HOW THE AUTHOR POTRAY THE SOCIAL/HISTORICAL CONTEXT OF THE NOVEL 2012 I OSCAR 2/24/2012 In this deeply symbolic book published in 1968, Ayi Kwei Armah vividly captures the seemingly endless spiral of corruption, moral decadence and spiritual death in post-colonial Ghana. Armah (1968) shows that Ghana was once ruled by the white people and there where were a lot of problem that were faced by black people in results of the colonial rule. This led to some blacks flee away leaving their families behind .Ghana took independence after the overthrown of Kwame Nkrumah, and there was hope of change which was never revealed .Those who flee returned only to find that their families were taken over by their black brothers and those in power were not different from the colonial rulers. They were like black leaders with white souls who used their positions for personal gain. The book tells the story of a nameless man who struggles to reconcile himself with the reality of post-independence Ghana. Referred to throughout the book, as simply, “The Man”, he refuses to take a bribe, something that angers his wife. (Armah 1968) The Man keeps a humble job, and despite the constant naggings of his wife, he lives an honest life, even if that condemns him to a life of poverty. He represents the lot of the common man in Ghana, who has no choice, but to reside in the poorest slums and live from hand to mouth. (Armah 1968) On the other hand are Ghana’s new leaders, “the black masters” who prove to be worse than the colonialists. They partake of corruption and other vices with such impunity that it has become the way of life for some. Koomson, The Man’s friend, whom he attended school with, is one such politician. His immense wealth results from his corrupt activities. (Armah 1968) Similar stories of corruption and

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