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“Octopus’s Garden” is Ringo’s song; it’s only the second song he’s ever written for The Beatles around that time. It’s a really peaceful song that gets deep into your consciousness. Ringo actually explained the meaning of the song during an interview in 1981, saying “He (a ship’s captain) told me all about octopuses—how they go ‘round the sea bed and pick up stones and shiny objects and build gardens. I just wanted to be under the sea too. I wanted to get out of it for a while.” If Ringo hadn’t gotten the fish and chips he wanted while spending holiday on Peter Sellers’s yacht, this song might never have been written. There really isn’t some deep, profound meaning for this song; it’s pretty self-explanatory. “Yellow Submarine” was written by Paul McCartney, with lead vocals by Ringo Starr. What I honestly think this song is about is just a simple, yellow submarine and that everyone is reading way too much into the lyrics of any of their songs. But alas, I must attempt to interpret this song. The Beatles opened their minds up to the world (“So we sailed up to the sun”) and capitalized on their knowledge through their music (“Til we found the sea of green”). Unlike the wavering beliefs of individuals, which are represented through the waves, they stayed true to what they believed in (“And we lived beneath the waves”). Though they received a lot of attention (bright yellow), The Beatles were the ones looking out at the people (“In our yellow submarine”). They needed each other to maintain the power they achieved (“As we live a life of ease, Everyone of us has all we need”). They’re watching you as they interpret you (“We all live in our yellow submarine”). I don’t believe that a large percentage of the songs written by The Beatles were created for any particular reason. Having to interpret these songs is kind of pointless. John Lennon blatantly pointed out in an

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