The Bay Of Pigs Conspiracy

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If the American government has taught its civilians anything, it is that not everything is as it seems. Appearances can be deceiving; something may look real when, in fact, it’s not. Sometimes something can be disguised well while other times the disguiser or disguisers leave behind evidence of the truth. From these clues left behind people develop conspiracy theories about what they think actually happened. Whether it was the loss of America's greatest presidents or Americans landing on the moon, conspiracy was not far behind. In text books and all around the world it is generally accepted that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. However, this conclusion was made without the case…show more content…
On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy as the thirty-fifth President of the United States was assassinated. To this day the American people are left with suspicious gaps toward the government explanation of his death and questions are still arise as to who was actually responsible for the assassination. A theory that has aroused is that the CIA and the FBI were linked to the assassination. Although it is a bit extreme to consider that the government would kill its own president, there are a considerable amount of reasons for their desire to organize an assassination plot. The Bay of Pigs is believed to be the central cause to plot against kennedy. It was a plan to overthrow Fidel Castro, the cuban dictator. The CIA was training Cuban exiles under the military until they were ready to invade. They were supposed to kill Castro, inspire a revolution and change cuba into a non-communist country. The plan however, was a failure. Of the more than 1,450 men, 114 died and the rest were captured and imprisoned (Walton 2). The blame was put on JFK. Many believed that Kennedy wanted to completely abolish the CIA and establish a new intelligence agency. He shook up the CIA, replacing Dulles with John McCone, and rearranged the…show more content…
Almost immediately after his death a conspiracy theory had developed which was later proven true. It was believed that a group of confederate southerners were behind the assassination. John Wilkes Booth was accused to the shooter of the President, but it was known that there were other powers involved. Conspirator George Atzerodt made a statement before the trial in 1865 was uncovered. In it Atzerodt told of Booth's knowledge of a Confederate plot to blow up the White House ("Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Theories"). Co-conspirator Lewis Powell attempted to assassinate Secretary of State William Seward, but only managed to injure him and George Atzerodt was supposed to have killed Vice-President Andrew Johnson, but did not. The conspirators plotted to attack the three highest positions in the whitehouse. Clearly, there goal was to cause enough confusion and havoc in America to take over it. For these reasons it is evident that the assassination conspiracy was hatched by

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