The Battle Of The Fast Food Blastle Analysis

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THE BATTLE OF THE BLACK BULL BLOOD CASTLE Long, long ago there were two beautiful princesses and their mother living together in their castle. Many princes came from far and wide to take a princess’s hand in marriage. So far all of them had failed. Then a prince came from a far away land. They had never heard of him before. Yet again he didn’t get to marry either one of them. He was outraged he stated to them while flying out the door, “I will get my bride, but next time you will come without choice.” With that he left. A couple weeks later there was a bull in the princess’s favorite garden. The eldest of the two grabbed a short stick and said, “I shall go hit the bull with this stick, and for that it will leave.” She did as she said but it did not leave. The stick she had struck…show more content…
He was that they were clean and made her his bride. He showed her the room and gave her a wand. He told her to touch each princess. She did what he asked and they all came back to life. All the girls went home, and the prince and the princess fell in love and lived happily ever after. HISTORICAL The history of the story of the Battle of the Black Bull Blood Castle is that a prince went crazy for no apparent reason. No princess wanted to marry him because of the word that traveled around the country sides. The only way for the prince to become King was that he was to marry a princess. Due to no princesses wanting to marry him he kidnapped many of the most beautiful princesses on the land. He would put them through a series of test to see if they were worthy to marry him. If she was to fail he would kill her and put her body in the forbidden room. Many princesses were killed during this time. Toward the end of the princes’ years, one princess finally passed the test. They were married. The “King” died two years later from old age.

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