The Battle For Value, 2004: Fedex Corp. Vs. United

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MKT 3410: section6 2/2/2012 ALL shave in Saudi Arabia I. Problem Statement All Shave company sales drops after the Almin family in Saudi Arabia toke control over the business and majority interest along with the decision making after the major purchase due to future governmental and cultural import restriction. II. Underlying Issue. Can Almin Family be able to put all shave company back in its leading Position in the market by adopting the western methods of promotion, or maintain the Middle Eastern methods of improving quality at the expense of promotion. III. Relevant facts A. Company history: 1) All shave company was sold to Almin family along with the majority interests and decision making. 2) Almin group is the most successful business families in Saudi Arabia. 3) All shaves was the leading company in its brand in Saudi Arabia up to the buyout three years ago. 4) The Middle Eastern culture has a major role in the loss of business in all shave company. B. Financials: 1) Despite the change of business methods the company was still making and reporting profits. 2) More profit could have been made if Almin did not cut down on promotion. C. Competitive market: 1) Almin believes the Middle Eastern culture of good product and little to nothing promotion is the best way. 2) The former manager believes the western strategy of promotion and marketing is the best way. D. Marketing Mix: 1) All Shave razors and products are sold in the Middles East (Saudi) not USA. 2) Not enough promotions and advertisement. 3) The former Middle Eastern manger tried to mix the western ideology to the Eastern market. 4) The new Middle Eastern boss believes the product is as good as ever and will make profite without putting too much effort in advertising. IV. Strategic Alternatives 1) All shave could buy back is trade

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