The Basics Of Hydraulic Fracturing

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The Basics of Hydraulic Fracturing abstract Never before has America seen an era in which energy supplies are of high demand. With all of the turmoil overseas, now more than ever is it crucial for us to invent a way to develop our own energy resources. While hydraulic fracturing was first successful in 1947, it is a technique that is still being perfected today. Hydraulic fracturing is a process in which chemicals, water, and sand are pumped into the ground to break apart shale rock and too allow for the release of unconventional natural gases. Laws and regulations regarding this process are far and few between, leaving some states to take matters into their own hands. This process comes at no small price, opening the door for ground water contamination. According to nine out of ten gas wells are using hydraulic fracturing, which speaks volumes for its importance to US energy. Table of Contents Abstract Table…show more content…
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