The Barriers To Effective Communication Essay

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The Barriers to Effective Communication Kim Harms CJA363 May 1, 2010 Lori Fralick The Barriers to Effective Communication Communication is the process of sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions with the intentions of another person interpreting the expression. Communication is a learned process and without communication, the world would not function properly. Effective communication is a quality that can positively influence how operations work both the workplace and in personal life. By communicating effectively, people can learn how to build trust, earn respect, and accomplish goals. Learning how to communicate effectively is not considerably an easy task, and there are certain components that need to be addressed and barriers that must be overcome. Several strategies and techniques can help deal with potential communication barriers and by learning these strategies, people can begin to work together and accomplish goals by communicating properly. To understand how to effectively communicate, the process of communication has to be clarified. The process begins with a sender or communicator that sends the message, which is transmitted by speech, writing, or body signals. After the message is sent, then a receiver acquires the message and interprets what is trying to be communicated. The last communication process is feedback from the receiver. Feedback can be a verbal or nonverbal reaction and without feedback, there would be no way to know if an understanding had occurred. For communication to be successful in the process, the receiver must obtain the intended reaction of the sender (CLS, n.d.). This process allows much room for misunderstandings that result in the lack of communication between people. Some of the lack of communication comes from the differences between listening and hearing. Both hearing and listening rely on each other for
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