The Banking Concept Essay

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Teaching is a difficult concept. There is no perfect formula for all students on how they should be taught. Nor is there a perfect teacher. That said there are some rules on what should not be done when teaching students, such as the Banking Concept created by Paulo Freire. It describes in detail how a teacher is viewed at as the almighty while possessing all the knowledge of a subject. The student on the other hand is an open receptacle that has no knowledge is led to believe that a stream of information must be fed to him in order to attain any and all knowledge. One of the Banking Concept’s attributes reminded me of my AP World History teacher in high school. “d. the teacher talks and the students listen – meekly;” (Freire pg. 319) This phrase caught my eye because it explains exactly how I felt when I was in that class. Freire’s idea is an unfortunate one and is seen widely throughout the education system. Without a chance to have been introduced to the course Mr. Ascuitto dove right into lecturing the classroom on day one of senior year. I was not prepared. I had not completed my summer assignment at that point and was behind on a couple of hours of work, at the most. It wouldn’t have been difficult to catch up, maybe a day or two at the most. That did not work out to my advantage unfortunately. Starting the period off we began discussing ancient civilizations and their development. I wasn’t on track with the criteria, but I began to remember what I had learned from my freshman year of high school. The policy of the class was to take notes while the teacher spoke. It wasn’t a written policy, but everyone in the class followed it diligently. As I kept on writing what the teacher was saying I realized that I had been completely lost from the beginning of the class. I asked one of my peers how they were doing with the class and they too believed that they were

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