The Banking Concept Essay

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Not a Clue Where to Start In his article “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education” Paulo Freire opposes education taught by teachers that he refers to as “oppressors.” In “banking” teachers assume students are passive, take all control, determine what will be learned, and deposit information into students. The world is seen as static; students are encouraged to go with the ways of the world instead of question them. Banking encourages students to accept the world as it is, separates the learner’s consciousness from the world, and so contributes to oppression. The teachers don’t necessarily care if their students are interpreting the information correctly, they are just teaching to get the job done. The students don’t even really need to understand how they get to the solution of the problem; they just need to know what the solution is. These students don’t question the information or the authority of the teacher; who, in the “banking” concept, is always correct. Freire believed that this way of teaching limited the amount of learning by the students receiving the information. His solution was “problem-posing” in which students and teachers carry on a conversation to teach one another. The world is seen as always in the process of becoming; students are seen as parts of that. Students are therefore active, becoming empowered to criticize the world and so change it. Problem-posing, in doing so, results in the liberation of the students and in the rebellion against domineering social and economic systems. Problem-posing education allows people to develop their human natures fully because it depends on communication, recognizes the relationship between people and the world, encourages question, and leads to transformation. This style of education allows the students to be creative in their learning and really expand their learning techniques. In comparison, the

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