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The movie “And the Band Played On” tells about the origin of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) virus in the United States. This disease attacks the immune systems of the people infected and eventually leads them to their death. The story revolves around how different kinds of people, like doctors, scientists, businessmen and even politicians, react to this new retrovirus. In addition, it also expresses the consequences the gay community suffered. These different institutes presented in the movie, both political and scientific, play a role in the discovery of AIDS. I agree that these institutes have conflicts because of an uncertain virus and how money is the deciding factor in most of their decisions. It is seen in the movie how the bathhouse is not shut down by the public health, for they still do not have any proof; also, blood tests are not approved until it is too late, for it costs too much. I find Dr. Gallo’s motive unacceptable because of the part where he calls Dr. Francis who has given blind samples to the French. “You sent blind samples to the French,” Dr. Gallo furiously says to Dr. Francis. “What makes you think they didn’t discover the virus?” Dr. Francis replies. “What makes you think I care?” Dr. Gallo backfired. This just shows how Dr. Gallo’s personal desires strain his role as a scientist. “And the Band Played On” provides us real and transparent events regarding the problems of our society in the midst of AIDS. It teaches us how greed and no self-awareness can affect innocent people’s lives. Furthermore, it gives us hope because of Dr. Don Francis’ dedication towards the people affected by AIDS and his solution to this disease. On the whole, “And the Band Played On” really is an eye opening

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