The Baking Company Essay

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The Baking Company As soon as the manager gets the orders from its distributors the process begins. A list of cookies is given to the person in charge of mixing. This person double checks the ingredients for the cookies and enters the information, the computer calculates the order. The computer then sends the ingredients to a huge mixer where the ingredients are combined. The batter is then poured into cutting machines and cut into individuals, then sent down a conveyor belt and sent to one of the two ovens. The cookies that need to be filled with goods will need an extra step, the non-filled cookies are cut diagonal not round. The cookies come out of the oven, then cool, and then are put into boxes manually by workers. The diagonal cut cookies do not take up as much space as the straight cut cookies, thus resulting in higher level of productivity. The company also increased the length of each oven by 25 feet, thus resulting in higher level of productivity. The oven length will output more cookies. The company probably should have used an automatically packing machine for the cookies. This would boost production of the cookies, it takes more time for a human to pack them. This also would have the shelf life maybe longer because they would be packed and sealed at a quicker rate. At this point if they start with an automatic machine, they will then need to train and have humans to run the machine, they should just keep things as they are since it is working well to their advantage. Since they are only in 3 states right now, human packaging should be sufficient. However, if the company grows, machines may need to start packing depending on demand. The size of the town really does not matter, but the size of the company does. As I said, if they increase their sales and more cookies need to be produced then at that time, they will need to decide if training on the
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