The B-Team Essay

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THE B-TEAM AND DARNELL BY: Kevin Spiva, Sam Ross, Nick patacik, Maar Duol, Andrew Becker Narrator: The three friends Eric, Tony, and Russell wake up with the start of winter break after a huge party at WSU. Tony: Dude, I have a massive hangover. Eric: I know me too man Russell: Where are we? What the hell happened last night? Tony: We were at a party dumbass that’s why you are on the floor passed out. Eric: hey tony how about you pour us some glasses of OJ and we will start packing Tony: Okay Russell: Dude how long will the drive take? Eric: It should take about 9.5 hours. Tony: Here’s the orange juice, let’s get everything in the car. Eric: Finally Tony what took so long? We are done packing. We’ll be in the car. Tony; give me a few minutes I need to finish packing. Russell: give me the keys I’ll start up the car. Oh by the way I call shotgun. Tony: Fine, I get it on the way back. Narrator: Eric, Russell, and Tony are now on the road heading to whistler ski resort for winter break. Russell: Dude, I have to take a piss. Tony: just piss in the bottle. Russell: Fine Tony: Eric how fast are you going? Eric: Don’t worry about it you want to get to whistler don’t you? Tony: Whatever just watch out for the popo. Russell: Do you hear that sound? Eric: It’s just your hangover man. Tony: No I hear it too. Eric: Actually my ears are ringing also. Tony: Dude turn around it’s the damn police. Russell: How fast were you going? Eric: like 160 MPH my cop radar didn’t pick it up though! Tony: Just pull over Narrator: Eric was told by the police that he was going 160 and he was hand cuffed and put in the police car they go to jail and that is where Eric meets Dimitri. Dimitri: Why you in here? Eric: I was going 160 and got caught. Dimitri: Damn that’s fast. Your lucky cause I got sources that are… lets just say we are leaving tonight. Eric:
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