The Awakening: Choices Essay

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Throughout the Awakening, the direction of the plot fluxuates based on the choices made by the characters. Of all the characters, none make choices as drastic as Edna Pontellier. Her decision to turn away from her husband defines her as one of the rarest types of women in that time period. The American society of that time was not used to seeing a woman even think of leaving her husband, which is what made this such a controversial novel. Robert Lebrun realizes that his love for Edna will come at an expensive price and is forced to come decide if he will let a family be torn apart in the name of love. As Edna spends her summer at the Grand Isle, she becomes extremely close with Robert. The fact that he treats her with respect and is interested in her forces her to come to the realization that her husband Leonce does neither for her. During this same time period, she becomes more detached from him. He spends most of his time away while Edna stays home. In his opinion, her job is to stay in line and look after the children. It’s not long before she begins questioning the norms set in her society and gets tired of following all the rules. At first, Robert begins to grow attached to her while she hesitates to do the same. She feels wrong about being close with another man, but at the same time she enjoys Robert’s company and the attention he pays to her. He makes her laugh and focuses on making her feel happy and comfortable. She sees that he is a fine young gentleman and after many long walks, boat rides, and intimate conversations Robert’s presence begins to grow on Edna. She gets used to having him around and gets bored when he is not around. By this point in the story, Edna begins to transform and sees that the real way to connect with someone is through intimacy. She realizes that she has never truly been intimate with another person.

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