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‘The Avengers’ Joss Whedon 'The Avengers' is a film directed by Joss Whedon. It is about a group of superheroes who all come together to try save the world. The avengers got brought together because Loki, the villain, stole the Tesseract. We, the audience don't actually know what he wants the Tesseract for but we know that he'll do some damage with it. Thor, Loki's brother, becomes part of the superhero group because he knows that Loki is up to no good, he is possibly the only one to fully stop him in the end. Iron man/Tony Stark is the brains behind the whole operation to take Loki down. This character was my favourite in the film because he was so arrogant that it made the movie very entertaining. Arrogance in the end saved the world, if it wasn't for Iron man, earth would have been taken over by aliens. His arrogance made him the prime specimen to take a nuke and throw it into the other dimension from which the aliens came from. He risked his life and it made me like him all the more. The actor, Robert Downey Jr. even streams about of arrogance himself which just makes him perfect for the part. "Stark, you know that's a one way trip." Is what Captain America says to Stark as he carries the nuke into the next dimension, but with his arrogance, what better man to do it but him. I recommend this film to all Year 12's because it has lots of action and heaps of superheroes, let’s face it, everyone loves that. Action is very often the key thing to a great movie. It keeps the boys entertained and personally for me keeps the film flowing nicely. 'The Avengers' has the perfect mix, action crossed with superheroes, which for me, is 143 minutes of pure brilliance. The superheros in the movie who I feel are very important would be, Iron man, Captain America, Thor and The Hulk. Iron man’s special ability isn’t part of him, it’s a suit he engineered himself that

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