The Attainability of the American Dream Essay

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Willliamson | 3 Dalton Williamson Professor Tomei English 121 7 October 2014 The Attainability of the “American Dream” The American dream can be defined in numerous ways. Even though the definition is very opinionated, there is always a broad understanding of what the American dream is. A controversy is always brought about when the phrase “American Dream” is mentioned. In actuality, the American dream can be summed up as living comfortably in America. For example, a wife having a husband along with two kids, a house, and two cars can be defined as the American dream. As you come across many family orientated commercials, there is usually a wife, a husband, along with two kids in a spacious vehicle. Is happiness and stability all that the American dream involves? Studies show that 56% of Americans consider themselves living the American dream. What about the other 44%? In fact, the other 44% is considered the “Less Fortunate”. Should the American dream be determined between the fortunate and the less fortunate? Between government loopholes and economic recession, America is becoming increasingly distorted. The American dream is taking a huge hit because of this distortion. The American dream is slipping away from us as a society. Sooner rather than later, The American Dream is going to become unattainable all together. Recently, an article entitled “The American dream: Slipping away?” showed distinct flaws in the attainability of the American dream. This article was very informing in several ways. In the article, a 10 year study was conducted to compare students in the badlands to students in the upper class neighborhoods. When this study was conducted, students in the badlands didn't have adult interaction. These children were forced to grow up on their own with limited material resources. This is also known Willliamson | 3 as “Natural Growth”.

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