The Astonishing Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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The Astonishing Legacy of Abraham Lincoln “Northerners and Southerners, blacks and whites, East Coast elites and prairie Westerners, liberals and conservatives, the religious and secular, scholars and popularizes- all have recalled a sometimes startlingly different Lincoln (Kunhardt III).” Abraham Lincoln was viewed as a hero by many and a martyr by others. Lincolns path through his presidency has left him a legend and to be known as, “the great example of democratic leadership-by most criteria, truly our greatest president. (Kunhardt III).” No matter the mistakes President Abraham Lincoln made in his journey, they have helped to shape the free country we now live in. His work in the civil war, the emancipation proclamation, The Thirteenth Amendment, as well as his dreadful assassination have created his legend and extolled his reputation. Abraham Lincoln was not a man of high rank before his presidency; his only military experience was from being “captain of a militia unit that saw no action in the Black Hawk War (McPherson).” Even without the same education that his peers received, Lincoln was known to be a quick study, “He observed the successes and failures of his own and the enemy’s military commanders and drew apt conclusions; he made mistakes and learned from them; he applied his large quotient of common sense to slice through the obfuscations and excuses of military subordinates (McPherson).” He was also known for his admirable speeches which he wrote for himself by hand. His inaugural speeches evoked emotion in everyone: fathers and mothers, the elder and the children, as well as the blacks and whites. But his most important contributions and most recognized achievements occurred during the Civil War. The Emancipation was a crucial part of the North’s national strategy (McPherson). Lincoln stated that, “a military necessity, absolutely necessary to

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