The Assassin Essay

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Cool snow fell gently on the grass like icing sugar on a freshly baked cake. The full moon emphasized the countryside's natural beauty, shining confidently on the horizon, whilst nearby tired farm animals slowly fell asleep one by one. An ice cold river flowed peacefully, although it seemed misfitted against it's statue-like surroundings. The light bounced from the water as if there were small pieces of silver floating gently southwards. A dark, muscular figure rested on a hill top with his back against a strong, worn oak tree. The bitter air was algid and the condensation of his breath resembled that of a dangerous fire breathing dragon. Wind whipped against his face, like a jockey to his horse during the Grand National, but even the biggest of distractions were no match for his superb concentration. As he shifted ever so slightly from left to right, a crunch could be heard if you listened hard enough. Dogs barked violently in the distance, piercing the silence like a cold, sharp knife. He did not turn, he did not shift, he did not alter. His composure was like a royal guard, his mind was set and there was no chance of changing. His small argent gun was cradled in his benumbed arms, gleaming every so often once it came into the direct line of moonlight. A house stood nearby looking grand and superior to it's miniature surroundings. Perfect, untouched snow lay delicately at it's feet. The snow was thickening, it looked unreal, like a fairytale picture book turning into reality. Energetic dogs bounded happily through the snow, and the area seemed to come alive. Snow fell in every direction like mini avalanches, whilst tree's swayed and rustled in the wind as if they were whispering their deepest secrets to each other. The house stood tall, it's bright lights from the windows lit up the area like separate spotlights. Christmas decorations hung loosely over the house,

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