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TMA01The Arts Past and Present AA100 TMA01 Part 1 Carefully read the following extract several times. Compare and contrast the ways in which the passage below attempts to discredit Antony with the ways this is done in the speech attributed to Octavian by Cassius Dio (in reading 1.1 of Book, Chapter 1). This essay will compare and contrast the differences and similarities between the accounts given of Anthony in Plutarch, the life of Antony and the historian Cassius Dio version of the speech given by Ocatvian. Firstly this essay will look at the similarities between the two works. Both accounts imply how smitten Antony was by Cleopatra, impairing his judgement. In Plutarchs account we see that "He would receive love letters on tablets of onyx or crystal and read them through in public."(Scott-Kilvert,1965 in Assignment Booklet,2013,p.19) Here Plutarch is demonstrating Antony's public affection for her, he goes on to say that when Antony was hearing a case from a man of great distinction he abandoned what he was doing to follow Cleopatra (Assignment Booklet,2013,p.19). This is clearly demonstrating that Antony was so infatuated with Cleopatra that he abandoned his duties as a Roman. In Cassius Dio we see that "He(Antony) is either blind to reason or mad, for I can believe that he is bewitched by that accursed woman"(Scott-Kilvert,1987, in T.Fear,2008,p.27). This account is more biased saying that he has been "bewitched" by her, but it still gives the impression of someone who is besotted with Cleopatra. He goes on to say that Antony is willing to go to war with Rome over her"(Scott-Kilvert,1987, in T.Fear,2008,p.27), again demonstrating an impaired judgement on Antonys behalf. The second part of this essay will look at the differences between the two works. The first difference is in the style of the two pieces attempt to discredit Antony, the account

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