The Art of War Dance Event Essay

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Thien Huynh American Lit May 20th, 2012 The Art of War We walked to our sides with the mindset of winning as we prepared for battle. A fight that only occurred once in a life time; a war that two crews must be abolished to prove that one will walk home as the “Supreme Kings.” The teams huddled together with each and every member’s arms over one another’s shoulders. We passed encouragement to another that we will provide a great show, but also put up a great fight. Each B-boy stood broad, tall glared at each opponent with the eyes that only tigers would have. A B-boy, also known as Break-Boy, is a given name that DJ’s provided dancer back in the 80’s who came in during break downs of songs to dance in a circle. The presence of each individuals showed representation and affection that they would have given for their crews at war. All eyes were hypnotized to the center of the room as the host announced “Exhibition battle: TNS versus M21”, “The Next Step” versus “Many Two One.” The disc jockey began scratching the large discs. He was listening to one side of his headphones and adjusting the miniature sound booth, as he was ready to exploit the next jam. As the beginning of the break beat played, participants were eager but indecisive to take the first set. A set was mainly a small free styled routine that would contain an introduction, climax, and closure. Knowing that this war had taken place on the home side of TNS’s arena, Castro Valley High School gym, we were welcomed to show them “what’s up." The leader of the pack initiated the war by stepping out into the open space where he used it to his full advantage. As the introduction of the song continued to play, the leader skipped around with his open arms in efforts to pump up the crowd. As the crowd started cheering, the beat started to pick up, thus allowing the Breaker to perform the intro,
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