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The Art Of Video Games Essay

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  • on December 1, 2011
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Widely deemed as merely a diversion for children, the video game industry has grown over the last forty years into a multibillion dollar powerhouse that is threatening to eclipse Hollywood in shear numbers, and has reportedly already surpassed the music industry in yearly revenue. (Breckon) While profits are one way to measure success or failure, or more worthy method is through merit; as the business of video games has expanded, the content has been forging new paths that the world has yet to experience. What started as a quarter-eating craze has become a sophisticated method of complex storytelling, stunning visual aesthetics, and technologically cutting edge. Despite not always receiving the praise they deserve, video games have truly evolved into an artform that is as significant to culture as any fresco, symphony, or modern day blockbuster.
As difficult as it is, in order to classify any medium as an art, one must have an understanding of art itself. Art is most loosely defined as any manifestation of human creativity and imagination that is created in order to be admired. Obviously, the word “art” harkens images of the famous works of Leonardo, Shakespeare, and Mozart, and while these are among the greatest contributors of art throughout history, the most important aspect of what makes their creations stand the test of time is the emotional resononance. Emotion is an important part of defining what history decides will be called art. Throughout history, the mediums have changed, exponentially so within the last few centuries. While literature, music, and visual arts have always been present, technology such as cameras and phonographs, and eventually records, revolutionized the way art is experienced, much in the same way that video games are doing today. Within the last hundred years, no less than 82 times has the film industry celebrated the year’s greatest contibutions to film, and 51 times the music industry has done the same. These movies and songs...

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