The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein

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The Art of Racing in the Rain Part A: Title: The art of racing in the rain. Author: Garth Stein. Main Characters: Enzo (the dog), Denny, Eve, Zoë, Trish (the grandmother), Maxwell (the grandfather). Time: Nowadays. Location: USA. Synopsis: Enzo is a brilliant dog. He understands the human language, better known as English. But of course, he can't speak. "Gestures are all that I have" he thinks as many things around him start to change against his will and he has no way of stopping them or communicating with anyone else so they can help him. One day, Enzo saw a program on the National Geographic channel that showed that according to the Mongolian legend, after a dog dies, he will be reincarnated in his next life as a human, but only if he is ready. Enzo knows he is ready. Denny Swift, his owner, is a race car driver. Denny adopted Enzo when he was a month old, from a terrible farm, "saving" him from the horrible farm keeper. Enzo says he will always remember that day. Enzo and Denny are very close, Denny always shares everything with Enzo, which always listens and barks to show Denny that he understood. They have very much in common, even though they aren’t both human. Their motto is: "That which you manifest is before you". While Denny is at work Enzo spends most of his time watching and learning from television (which Denny always keeps open for him) 'absorbing' what he can about Denny's greatest passion, race car driving — and relating it to life. He sees that life, like racing, isn't just about going fast. Using the techniques needed on the race track, anyone can successfully navigate all of life's tough experiences. Denny is especially good at driving in the rain. He always wins at races in the rain. "Denny is an excellent driver" Enzo thinks to himself every time they watch a tape of one of Denny's races. Enzo sees everything. He saw the first time

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