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The Art of Living Essay

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  • on May 9, 2012
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No, no, not at all, sir, I can state my name for the school’s administrative records; that isn’t any trouble at all.

Well, Superintendant, my name is Miss Caroline Fisher and I’m from Winston county. You hired me to teach Maycomb school for the first graders with my contract starting on the 1st of September 1932.

Sorry, sir? Oh you want me to state why this interviewis happening between you and me for the recording? Well, sir, there was an altercation today at school between myself and three of my students.

Disciplinary action had to be taken and another teacher, Miss Bluont, was called in to assist.

I know, sir, that this recording is just procedure but I honestly don’t think that I am to blame for the incident that happened today; so I’d like to take this opportunity to explain in my own words the events.

Sir, you told me to expect a school that was situated in a poor town, but I certainly did not expect a school like this. Honestly it was like walking into a school full of niggers; all the children in my class were stubborn and had ideas above their stations. Why, one girl, a Jean Louise Finch, sassed me when I corrected her on her reading skills. She won’t realise it but if she keeps insisting on reading, well, she is never going to learn how to go about properly.

But she insisted, and gave me lip both about the reading and Walter Cunningham; and why, I thought to myself, if all the kiddies are going to be acting this hard then I had better nip this right in the bud. So I stood her up, according to my training at the Modern School for Ladies’ Teaching in Mississippi and I paddled her about the hands for some subdued behaviour. What a horrible way to start but my goodness, something had to be done for me to sustain my control over the class.

As for what happened with Walter Cunningham, I admit that I did not handle myself entirely appropriately but, sir, I was come off all addled from my run in with that nefarious little Jean Louise.


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