The Art and Music Essay

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AutoCAD Post test 1. Specific points in a cad drawing are referred to as A. measurements C details B. coordinates D specifications 2. Any point along a vertical plane is referred to as A Y C X B Z D W 3. This window is used for entering specific details for drawing A Draw toolbar C Command window B Modify toolbar D Snap window 4. The snap toolbar can be found: A In the File menu B Along the bottom of the screen C Along the top of the screen D Along the left of the screen 5. The term we use for putting two drawings together is A joining C combining B setup D merging 6. The term for resizing a title block for a drawing is A editing C Merging B scaling D modifying 7. When a title block is resized, which factor is changed from the default? A The Z factor C The X factor B The A factor D The K factor 8. The _______________ command is used to remove unwanted parts of line or arcs A erase C extend B trim D delete 9. This command allows you to place objects in a new location A scale C mirror B move D rotate 10. You can create the other half of a symmetrical object with this command A Array C Move B Mirror D Copy 11. This command will allow you to connect to the outside edge of a circle A Snap to radius C Snap to center B Snap to edge D Snap to quadrant 12. The base point or displacement is A. The point defined when manipulating an object B The same as the snap command C Always the bottom most point of the object

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