The Armenian Genocide

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`Today’s society would describe the Armenian Genocide as a monumental yet devastating time in history. During this time, a plethora of innocent Armenians of all ages and genders were harmfully tortured and massacred. There has been an immense amount of controversy on whether the gruesome crimes committed by political powers in the Ottoman government were acts of genocide. According to Raphael Lemkin’s definition of the term genocide, the Young Turks did in fact commit genocide on the Armenians. The Young Turks were conniving, and although the Armenians were defenseless, they were still forced to undergo several horrendous acts including massacre, starvation, abuse, and abduction. Grigoris Balakian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, expounds…show more content…
They showed no mercy towards anyone including newborns and pregnant woman (87). This imposed measures intended to prevent births within the group. They slaughtered mothers, brides, virgins, and children. As an example of this brutal crime, Balakian mentions a story told to him by a 13-year-old little girl who had witnessed this slaughter first hand and had survived the coldhearted attack of the Turkish mob. She, along with many others, had been transported to an open valley where they had been attacked by axes, knives, shovels, hatchets, and pitchforks; unfortunately, she woke up to find that her family had not survived, so wounded and depressed, she laid there in great shock and disbelief until she was eventually rescued (88). In conclusion, the Armenia Genocide was a disastrous time in history. Millions of people lost their lives for selfish reasons that could have possibly been handled differently. Although, I was not there as an eyewitness to what happened during this time, I, myself, believe that the Young Turks, brutally and ruthlessly committed genocide. According to how the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide defines genocide and statements for Grigoris Balakian’s account, the Ottoman government’s actions against its Armenian subjects in 1915 and 1916 did constitute

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