The Approximate Size of My Favorite Tumor

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In the story “The Approximate Size of my Favorite Tumor” the story represents this theme because Jimmy has cancer and is dying, but even though he does he is still laughing and enjoy every moment of dying. It also represents resiliency for Norma ”Jimmy’s wife”, she faces many difficult things throughout the story, but keeps laughing with her husband Alexie uses satire in this story to make a serious thing seem light and funny. He makes the main character, Jimmy, joke about everything in his life, including cancer. Jimmy believes that the best medicine is humor. He laughs about many things with his wife Norma on their journey through life. The last thing Norma wants to laugh about is Jimmy's cancer. Norma watches people die all through her life and does not want to watch Jimmy die, especially in a humorous way. Can You Laugh at Death of a loved one? What would you do if you found out you were dying of terminal cancer? Would you be laughing it off as though it were nothing? Would your humor be a way of denying the truth or would it be a way of making your loved ones not see your pain? People use humor in many different ways. In "The Approximate Size of My Favorite Sharif2 Tumor", (Sherman Alexie) tells how one man tries to use humor to deny the reality of his terminal cancer. He shows how humor can be taken too far. This story demonstrates how humor can destroy one part of your life as it helps you cope with another. Trying to look at it in different perceptive, jimmy has a terminal cancer and he dearly loves his wife watching the people you love go through stages of knowing you’re going to die is very depressing. what jimmy did was humor the people around him, seeing the his wife smile even though he was ill made him happy although Norma hated that he jokes a lot about his tumor. Growing up there was two types of people, the hider and the ones who lose them self
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