The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

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The things that influence our thoughts and beliefs from childhood are our family and our school. However, most of us are influenced to a greater degree by our families as our families are closer to us in shaping our character from our childhood. Duddy has been influenced by his family, The Boy Wonder, Simcha, and Uncle Benjy. The Boy Wonder was a strong factor in shaping Duddy’s character as he heard stories about him from his father. Also, Duddy and Jerry Dingleman both belong to the same poor Jewish ghetto. Later on, Duddy realized that The Boy Wonder was not the person who met his expectations. Duddy’s grandfather had the most profound influence in shaping Duddy’s character and had high expectations of him. He advised Duddy that owning land would make him a “somebody”. Duddy’s grandfather influenced Duddy with respect to his goal of getting land in life. The Boy Wonder influenced the way in which Duddy attained his land. Duddy Kravitz grew up without much support from his family: his mother, Minnie, died when he was about six years old, and he doesn't remember anything about her, and Max, his father, clearly preferred Lennie, his older son, to Duddy. Max loved to tell his friends stories about the local gangster, the great Boy Wonder over and over again. "Be like the Boy Wonder", he said to Duddy, encouraging him to become a gangster. Since Duddy wanted Max's attention and thought that the only way to win his father's love and respect was to become someone just like Dingleman, Duddy grew up idolizing Jerry. Duddy has all the qualities he needs to achieve his dream of becoming a landowner, but with the Boy Wonder as his role model, he chooses the wrong road towards his goal. To make others think he is worthy, he starts to crazily pursue money. Wealth, in the form of land, is what Duddy believes his grandfather is telling him to strive for. Duddy’s grandfather

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