The Application Of Innovative Education In Primary Essay

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The Application of Innovative Education in Primary School English The innovation ability is the core of the people’s overall quality.It is a sort of comprehensive quality which is not only the study and the application of knowledge in terms of intelligence,or the development of the new idea and new technology , but also the consciousness of pursuing creativity and is also a way to seek for problems and find them.It is the essential difference between exam-oriented education and quality-oriented education that whether the students can be cultivated effectively with the innovation ability.Traditional conception of teaching aims at the grasp of knowledge and considers the teaching process as the accumulation process of knowledge.Students under that system become the “vessel” of fulfilled knowledge which can recite texts .Therefore the innovative education requires the students to be positive instead of being passive,to take part in the teaching process actively leading to the absorbing and applying of knowledge of students in a vivid atmosphere.In the primary school English teaching in the 21st century,it is necessary to break up the traditonal teaching pattern and highlight the dominant position of the innovative education.Here’s the details about how I cultivate the students the innovation ability to carry out the teaching process. I . Follow the teaching laws and optimize the teaching target to make the foundation of the cultivation of innovation ability Most of the students finish the grasp of knowledge and skill training process in class so that the in-class teaching is the main front and main channel for the implementation of quality-oriented English education .In the in-class teaching,it is especially important to improve the teaching effetiveness and optimize the teaching contents and aims .In order to fulfill the teaching target,wo should crystallize what

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