The Apology of Socrates Essay

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The Apology of Socrates The word apology comes from the Greek form of the word “apologia”, which means “defense”. It has a different meaning than our modern understanding of the word. In Socrates’s instance, he is forced to make an apology, or rather a speech in his own defense. He states that he must refute two sets of accusations. The first is from the old longstanding charges that he is frivolously curious and questions the truths of the earth and sky, and the second is current legal charges that state that he recognizes a different God than the God recognized by the state, as well as creating his own false deities (demigods) as well. The Courts also accused him of corrupting the youth of Athens with his teachings. Socrates however, has no intent of actually apologizing for his behavior and philosophies. He intends to rectify them, by providing evidence to the court that he is not guilty of their unreasonable convictions and perhaps. The philosopher does not pretend to know the canonical style of the law courts and explains that he will address the situation the only way he knows how; with directness and honesty. He begins by telling of an oracle in Delphi who has prophesied that Socrates is indeed, the wisest of all men. Knowing his own ignorance, Socrates states that he is only wise in knowing that he is not wise at all. He decides to go on a journey to find a man wiser than himself. He visits politicians, poets, and craftsmen who are all held in high regard within the society. In this journey, he continues to question wise men in such a way that they, themselves displayed their own obliviousness by contradicting themselves. He comes to the conclusion that any man who thinks themselves wise is, indeed, ignorant. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” (Socrates) I feel that he says this because of his love for
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