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The "Apollonian" & "Dionysian" Poles Essay

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  • on February 16, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The "Apollonian" & "Dionysian" Poles" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The  "Apollonian" & "Dionysian" Poles
I am really interested by one of Nietzsche's ideas: The  "Apollonian" & "Dionysian" Poles. The Apollonian and Dionysian is a philosophical and literary concept based on parts of ancient Greek mythology. In literary terms, Apollonian is the order, while Dionysian is the chaos. The Dionysian impulse is wild, irrational, ecstatic, unconscious, instinctual, and celebrates emotions and intuition. The Apollonian impulse, on the other hand, means order, rationality, normality, consciousness, control, and it celebrates careful thought over unfiltered expression.

The artwork I selected is a short film called "Break Up" which I made last year. It is a simple story between Cici and Xuan who are friends and also roommates. Xuan comes back home very angry while Cici is cooking in the kitchen. Xuan tells Cici she just has a big fight with her boyfriend. At the beginning, Cici just listens and trys to say something to make the Xuan feel better. However, after few minutes, Cici is much affected by the Xuan. They start to complain their boyfriend together. After a while they both decided to call their boyfriend for break up. Cici ends her relationship with a quick call to her boyfriend, however Xuan is still waiting for her boyfriend to picks up the phone. Then Xuan’s boyfriend walks in with his phone ringing. He apologizes to Xuan. They get back together and left.

Just like the idea mentioned in the module 2: Apollo’s power of control made him the perfect symbol for the civilizing process, and for celebrations of mind, order, and reason. The Apollonian represents the desire for "order," "beauty," "clarity," "self-control" and “individuality". My film begins with a shot that the main character opens fridge and picks some food.   This is a very formulism shot, which is shoot in the fridge, when the fridge opens you can see some colorful vegetable and fruit at front. Then I use some establish shots to show the character preparing food in...

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