The Antibiotic Decrease Yeast Cells: Lab Report

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The Antibiotic Decrease Yeast Cells Francine Rodriguez Biology 1401 Lab section Department of Biology, The University of Texas-Pan American March 8, 2013 Abstract: The main focus in this experiment was to find out antibiotics affect yeast cell cultures in a controlled environment. We imagined we owned a business in which a part of the business is to grow yeast (Saccharomyces cerevesiae) to be distributed as dry yeast for bakeries and breweries. Profits depend rapid, economical production a large number of yeast cells. We had observed that there is apparent difference in the yield of yeast cell when it comes in contact of an antibiotic. It appeared that that antibiotic had decreased the number of yeast cells. This was an unexpected result science antibiotic were meant to kill off bacteria not yeast. Our hypothesis stated whether antibiotic effect yeast cell cultures. We tested this theory by having a control in which one did not contain antibiotics and another that did contain the antibiotics, then collected yeast from the two cultures and placed them on a hemacytometer collecting chamber. These chambers were to see the yeast cells in a microscopic view and if or if not our hypothesis were true. The materials that were used a compound light microscope, a Pasteur pipette, and a hemacytometer to view the cell count of collected yeast. The methods that were go about was simple, to view the two cultures and compare them both. As a result of the t-s value was .035, as the value was lower than the critical value it’s said it’s being rejected. Thus as our experiment has been rejected our hypothesis comes in a stand still whether antibiotic dose really effect yeast cell cultures. In this particular case antibiotics did not affect the count in yeast cells as to the one that did not

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