The Andersons Case Study

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The two couples one the Andersons that are not proud of their heritage and changed their Muslim name simply because they want to fit in the western society and because they reckon there is no point in having a Muslim name if they do not act like proper Muslims, the Andersons are from a successful sort of rich upper class background everything was easy for them they never had to worry about money or food or anything of that sort. Mrs Andersons father was a rich successful business man with no trouble with his businesses what so ever his work ran perfectly which made it easy for them to have large amounts of money her family had never experienced money loss and had never seen hardship, she lived in Bahrain and because of her Arab background and…show more content…
because of her burqa she was abused by many and was called a terrorist.. on one occasion was almost killed by a guy on the bus because his uncle had died in the 9/11 they also faced discrimination even tougher then the Andersons but they were proud of their Muslim identity and persevered and accepted the fact that they will not change for anybody especially people that did not like them in the first place and that God

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