The Ancient Greeks Essay

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The original civilizations that developed so long ago are the civilizations that have shaped our world today; one of the most recognizable of the early civilizations is the Greeks. When one thinks of the ancient Greeks, it is possible that the first thoughts that would come to his or her mind would be the tall pillars often found in Greek architecture, the Spartans defeating the Athenians in the great Peloponnesian War, or perhaps the Olympics just come to mind – but there are many components that helped mold such an intricate civilization. Just like any civilization, Greece had to go through very difficult times; they had to establish trade and develop the proper way to run their country. There were also ingredients such as their art and architecture that went into this ancient Greece stew. Through their colonization, politics, ongoing wars, and culture, the Greeks became an influence throughout the rest of the developing world. Nothing would have been possible to evolve within the Greece culture if they had not colonized in the first place. In Greece and the Aegean, Kellogg states that archeological evidence (perhaps the spread of similar cultures) shows that peoples from areas around Athens spread to the Aegean Islands (20). The reasons they spread are unknown although it could be due to the fact that the population was growing at a rapid rate and the Greeks needed to spread to find new resources. The probability of Greece colonizing in patterns is also explored by Kellogg. In a chart found on page forty three of his book, he lists major colonies that emerged, where they emerged, and the colony’s founding city. Studying the chart, readers discover that colonies located near each other were founded by similar cities. For example, all the colonies located near the Black Sea were founded by either Miletus or Megara. The founding cities were often made

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