The Analysis of the Reason of Increasing Luxury Purchase and Marketing Strategies of Louis Vuitton in China.

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The analysis of the reason of increasing luxury purchase and marketing strategies of Louis Vuitton in China. By SHI HAIWEN (Olivia) 13/06/2012 Pre-master two course This essay is 2017 words Abstract As the rapid development of China’s economic recent years, the wealthy population is booming. The rising incomes and variety availability of luxury products, and the cultural attitude of display social status are both the elements of Chinese appetite for luxury goods. Having been reform and open-up of China’s economic, there are a significant number of international luxury brands entered into China market. Most of them benefit more from Asia market especially China than their place of origin. This essay will present a brief summarize of China luxury market which including current situation and prospects. And this essay will analyze the reasons of Chinese consumers keen on purchasing luxury goods. And take the well-know brand Louis Vuitton (LV) as an example, investigated their implementation of successful strategies in China’s market. It is important to those companies which attempting to enter the Chinese market knows how to plan and carry out the most efficiency marketing strategies. Content 1 Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------4 2 Definition of luxury goods ---------------------------------------------------5 3 Explore the reason of Chinese keen on consuming luxury goods -6-7 3.1 Growth of economic-----------------------------------------------------6 3.2 Traditional culture -“relationship-building”-----------------------7 3.3 Young generation become big potential consumer group -------7 4 Louis Vuitton in China ------------------------------------------------------8 4.1Background of Louis Vuitton -----------------------------------------8 4.2The Current situation
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