The Amish Community Analysis

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The Amish community are less like likely to use preventive treatments or annual checkups. The Amish are more likely to seek help from a doctor who they feel they can trust or one that understands the Amish community. A lot of modern communities around Amish communities have made Amish plain clinics to make the Amish feel more welcomed (Do Amish Vist Doctors?, 2010). The Amish communities the men folk are seen as the head of the house hold. This means that when their wives go into labor that, the wives will look to their husband for permission for pain management meds. That being said over 90% of Amish community have used some type of pain management meds orally or intravenous (Incorporating Cultural Practices Into Care, 2011). While the Amish speak German and English, some are not that great at English literacy. Visual and verbal communication is the best. When dealing with an Amish patient it is usually best to have a same sex patient to nurse ratio. It is best to try and remain distant and avoid unnecessary touching. The Amish diet is consisted with three meals a day sit down with family. Their meals include whatever is harvested at that season (Cross Culture Resource Guide, 2010). Sources…show more content…
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