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The Amish is a religious sect that strive to be self-sufficient and have economy and social structure that revolves around the Amish church. The Amish are known for been an enigma. Enigma means to be a closed community. They chose to be closed and left alone. If they choose to drive on a public road they will obey the law. In the meantime, they are driving and plowing farm lanes on private property. They choose to do their own thing on their own property within their own community. Some think it’s odd but most think it’s great for the Amish it’s the way of life. For the Amish community, the Bible and family’s value are very important. They also want their privacy. The Amish always presented a good work ethics through their community. The Amish’s daily living consists of been busy and work for the Lord. If they aren’t busy in the homes they are busy in the community, church or barns. It’s important that all Amish knows their position and work daily. At home and in their community, the Amish speak a dialect of German. Amish children learn English at school and also study High German at worship services ( When working in the fields we would think they have a tractor and other farm equipment’s. This is one way they are totally different from a normal American family. They do not use tractors, radio, television or telephones. Amish do not own nor operate an automobile. They use horse- buggy to and from town. In the farms for the fields or just transportation alone, they use mules or horses. The horse buggy the Amish uses are gray, black, and yellow topped and white topped. Today, one can spot distinctive Amish buggies, horse-drawn plows, and fields of shocked grain in many parts of the United States, as well as in Ontario (Cross). In the Amish community they do not use a large amount of electricity like the Americans. They use gas-pressured

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