The American Workforce, Adult Education, and the Community College Essay

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Abstract The American economy is driven by business and industry and the ability to create jobs. As technology advances, demographics change, and globalization occur it is of the utmost importance for America’s business and industry to examine their workforce needs. Businesses will need to ask themselves important questions regarding how they will keep up with current technologies, train existing employees, find and hire new employees that meet their needs - both educationally and technically - and continue to keep up with worldwide fluctuations that occur within their trades. One of the major realities facing business and industry is the shortage of a high-skilled, well educated workforce. America could face losing many more jobs. Business and industry in our country will need to combine technology, globalization, and demographic shifts with workforce and adult education. As the connection is made, a surplus of skilled and educated laborers will emerge. Adult education will begin to play a major role in helping to overcome the current employment shortage. The solutions need to resolve this impending workforce crisis can revolutionize education and economic policy; which can lead to economic success and prosperity. This paper will discuss the relationship between workforce development in America, adult education, and the role in which the community college will play. Around the world, nations will need to overcome twin economic shocks: a wave of baby boomers will retire and leave the workforce, while too few young, well-educated people will be available to fill a rising tide of high-skill, technology-related jobs (Gordon, 2005). When looking at an overview of our country’s workforce, the American economy may be at the top of this brink of catastrophe as technology advances, globalization occurs, demographics shift, and American businesses fail

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