The American Revolution: Discontent Between The Colonies And Britain

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The American Revolution Essay Discontent between the Colonies and Britain was not just sparked by a single main event. There were multiple causes that led ultimately up to the Revolutionary War along with key people who helped trigger this great historical happening in the country that we now call home. The men we consider our forefathers greatly had an impact on the Colonies during the time of discontent between the Colonies which fed Britain and the motherland of Britain. Before the idea of boycotting Britain wealthy families in the Colonies tried to replicate the lifestyle of the British to the best of their abilities. The upper class would have everything British from the style of the homes they lived in to the clothing that they wore…show more content…
In the PBS film, they explained one account of a loyalist being tarred and feathered then threatened to be hung if he did not disown England, in which case he did not adhere to their wishes and was hung. Another key event in the American’s hating the British was after the British got word of how bad the revolt was going on in Boston they sent a brigade of British soldiers to try and control the situation. While the soldiers where in Boston a Colonist threw a snowball at a British officer resulting in the soldiers to fire openly on civilians killing five of them. This scenario was known as the Boston Massacre and was exaggerated to the public by Paul Revere. Soon after this incident Benjamin Franklin decided to let the people of Massachusetts know about the letters of Thomas Hutcheson. These letters entailed information about the loyalty Hutcheson had to England. The people wanted Thomas removed especially after he wanted the tea that was sent to Boston Harbor sold. The Boston Tea Party was one of the last acts before war broke out between the Colonies and Britain. After this occurrence the British encircled the harbor threatening the city of Boston. Tyranny was exactly what was happening and exactly what the Colonists feared. In conclusion the main reason for the whole revolt to start was centered on taxation without

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