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The American presidency is a dominant force in the American political field. The presidency is one of the most vital components of the American government. Moreover, the president of the United Sates affects not only the United States of America, but also the whole world. However the presidency we have today is too different from the one the framers imagined and designed. Till the end of the 19th century the structure of the presidency was extremely different from the one we have today. The president was not the dominating power of the country. He was possibly even not equal to the Congress (Greenberg 244). Moreover, the President had to carry out only what Congress had decided. So Congress had more rights and responsibilities than…show more content…
Unlike the European parliamentary democracies, where the monarch acts as chief of state while the prime minister acts as the head of the government, in the United States the two roles are combined. While in other countries the ceremonial duties are performed by the members of the royal families, in the United States the president carries out all the ceremonial duties personally. He attends the funerals of important people, proclaims official days, lights the national Christmas tree, honors the heroes and celebrates national holidays…show more content…
So the tug-of-war between the president and Congress is a special part (271). The framers had never envisioned that the presidency of the United States of America would become such a democratic office. They were afraid of tyranny and the pressure of the public opinion and made the Electoral College in a way that its members would be chosen in a manner decided by the state legislatures (270). They realized that the instead of letting the people elect the members, the state legislatures would elect the members by themselves. The electors from the states would than elect the country’s president from the leading citizens. In addition, the framers saw the president as the symbol of the whole nation. They did not see him as a decision maker. Although the president had some powers and roles, Congress was in charge of policymaking

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