The American People Essay

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Society is becoming more and more judgmental every single day. We try to mold ourselves into someone we are not to try to fit the way we feel society is looking at us. Our true identity is lost at a young age when clicks in school begin to form, and when our bodies start to change. We become very aware of how people should and shouldn’t feel about us. If someone thinks something is wrong us we immediately try to change how our personalities, the music we listen to, and what we put on to wear in the morning. I believe people from troubled lives in other countries come to the United States for a sense of hope and a new beginning. Generally it gets thrown in their faces with rejection from the general public as viewing them as “different”. A lot of people from the hispanic cultures would do anything to live here in America. The hispanic minority is looked down upon in America because of the crappy jobs they take, and the living situations many of them have. Which is very contradictory for any american citizen to feel because a good a majority of our forefathers came from nothing and had to work their way up. I don’t think the hispanic community should give up. I think they should fight for what coming to America is all about. Eventually society will get off of it’s high horse and appreciate the immigrants who came here to get away from something more awful than our own day to day problems. Adapting hispanics into mainstream cultures shouldn’t be a problem. We have someone from every race and from every country living in the United States right now, what’s wrong with adding a little more of a particular flavor? There would be so many benefits from the Hispanic community to “pass” in our country as individuals. We would be more educated on another culture, and it would make our country that much more unique. The american people need to learn how to except
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