The American Juggalo Essay

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Throughout high school and middle school I had frequently seen many abnormal people wearing hatchets, baggy pants and piercings, if you have ever been to the food court at the mall, you most likely know what I am talking about. These people can be labeled as juggalos. The term is so tight-knit it that it is considered a gang by some. A lot of times the look and name “juggalo”, in a woman’s case, “juggalette”, has become a word with negative connotation behind it. Recently I have come across more and more people labeling themselves as juggalos, including my 15-year-old sister and her boyfriend. With the help of the documentary “American Juggalo” directed by Sean Dunne, and the various juggalos I talk to at my job at Jimmy John’s subs, I was able to uncover a little more about the misconception of this lifestyle. A juggalo, or juggalette, can be defined as a devoted fan of the music group Insane Clown Posse or any of the other groups under the Psychopathic Record Label. Psychopathic Records’ symbolic is that of a little man holding a hatchet, the hachetman, and typically juggalos wear this symbol to associate themselves with the lifestyle. Although many juggalos are easily spottable wearing baggy pants, hatchetwear, piercings, tattoos, and colored hair put up in multiple little ponytails, or spiderlegs, some juggalos look just like any other person. They usually find enjoyment in looking like outcasts to what many consider normal. In fact many people find juggalos scary and refuse to converse with them. Juggalos have also been known to do many drugs and drink excessive amounts of alcohol. In doing so, there are many cases in which they in turn, involve themselves in strange and gruesome acts such as streaking and as one man said, covering dogs in honeysauce. The music they listen to can be labeled as horrorcore rap which contains, as the name suggests, horrifying

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