The American Influence On Louis Riel

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Louis Riel was born on October 22, 1844 in St. Boniface, which was the main French speaking community in Red River Colony. He was the oldest child in his family, his mother was one of the first European woman and his father lead a pride among the Metis people. From his father’s side he inherited a pride in the Metis people and from his mother’s he gained deep Catholic faith. Riel was an intelligent student. The priests from the Red River colony hoped that he would become the first Metis priest, so they arranged him to be sent to school in Montreal. Though he did not finish his studies, on how to become a priest and instead, in 1865 he decided to go work in the law office in Montreal. During that time, Confederation was discussed everywhere in the city, and his employers were strong supporters of the rights of French- speaking Canadians. Their beliefs in French- speaking Canadians influenced him, so he became deeply involved in the struggle to improve lives of his people. Riel missed his family and the Red River, by the summer of 1868 he returned back to his homeland. His ability to speak both French and English fluently and interest in his people made him a great defender of the Metis cause. Louis Riel was…show more content…
In December 1869, Louis Riel was elected president, when they took control of Fort Garry and set up their own temporary government. Both of the governments had their own seeing. Canada’s government saw this as a rebellion against lawful authority, but the Metis did not see it that way. Since they were never included in the discussions, they did not necessarily disagree becoming part of Canada. All they wanted is laws that would emerge from Confederation and a voice in the government. The Metis sent the Bill of Rights to Ottawa listing their requests. Some of the major requests is as

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