The American Dream (the Great Gatsby) Essay

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The American Dream is an idea that your dreams of the future can be fulfilled in America. It is a notion that has existed for many decades, and still retains its original relevance in today’s society. Although different people have different perceptions of the American dream due to their own hopes and aspirations, essentially the main idea remains the same; that life will be better and their dreams fulfilled if they move to America and embrace their way of life. Even though the American Dream is ill-defined, it is commonly captured in media as an object of status and one of desire. The idea of chasing and attaining the American Dream, and the creator’s concerns regarding this, is present in both the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, set in the 1920’s, which revolves around the idea of living the American Dream, and 21 a 2008 film about gambling set in the modern day, in which the American Dream is a large driving force. A prominent part of the American Dream is attaining wealth and prosperity. This is present in both the Great Gatsby and 21, and is shown in a similar way. Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby’s titular character can be seen as an embodiment of this part of the American Dream. Even though he himself does not think so, many of the books other characters see him as living the American Dream. “Your place looks like the World Fair,” Nick’s surprised tone and use of simile shows his astonishment at the apparently “perfect” life that Gatsby lives. Wealth and prosperity as part of the American Dream is the most influential driving force behind the characters of 21, allowing them to believe that they will win large amounts of wealth, by going to gamble in America, or more specifically Las Vegas, America’s gambling capital. If the American Dream is about wealth, then gaining easy money is surely one of its main points, and gambling is an easy, but
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